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ASK Italian Spring Menu

ASK Italian Spring Menu

In a rare display of generosity, the sun has come out for two consecutive days in a row here in Yorkshire. People are so confused – myself included. How much skin is too much skin? I CAN’T get my legs out (they’re blue), but yay it’s time to dig my Tom’s out. Or do I do sandals? Argh! But one thing is certain, and that’s that the general population seems much happier on a day like this.

Attending the Ask Italian Spring Menu party at their Harrogate branch was a lovely way to end a sunny Friday. If you have read any of my other posts, you’ll know that I’m a massive advocate for Italy and all things within it.

The focus of the evening was ‘family dining’ and we did (inadvertently!) put the restaurant to the test. Two wired/tired boys, one grubby from school and the other sticky with suncream, and a Dad who’d been on parental duty all day. We were greeted with a welcome drink (gorgeous 0% mojito for me and a tasty-looking Italian IPA for Andrew). The small people were immediately given colouring packs and chefs hats to colour in and — most importantly — dough sticks and crudités to take the edge off their hunger and settle them down a bit. Ah, momentary bliss. I sip my drink. With the sun streaming through the windows and the garlicy aromas wafting from the open kitchen, it feels like holiday.

Back to business anyway as the kids demolish their food and demand more. The kids menu is really reasonable; £6.95 for three courses and a babycino (that’s basically frothy milk for those uninitiated to the world of middle-class kids menus). Asher had a pepperoni and olive pizza, Ewan had cheesy pasta, followed by ‘chocolate pizza’ – baked dough drizzled in chocolate and topped with strawberries, plus a side of sprinkles and marshmallows for them to put on.


I had the new sausage canneloni with a fresh, summery salad. Andrew had spag bol and said it was (almost) as good as the one he makes. He washed it down with more IPA; a very happy man indeed. When I return, I’m going to try the purple basil pasta Genovese – it definitely got my attention on the menu, but then I was in an Al Forno state of mind.

Dining at Ask was easy going, very child friendly and nobody will feel left out. The menu covers everything from simple pizzas to seasonal specials.

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