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You get What you put Into Blogging…

You get What you put Into Blogging…

…Which in my case is very little. I just don’t spend enough time writing anymore.

The world is saturated with blogs like mine, that are a little bit of everything. We get the odd PR package, we get the odd launch invitation. It’s nice y’know. I’m part of a little bloggers group in my local town and I really like what they all do.

But I’m so part-time with it all, I often wonder if there’s much point behind it.

And by saying that I answer the own problem that’s been niggling away in the back of my brain. For me, there really shouldn’t be a point to it. I enjoy writing, it is a big part of who I am. But do I have the gusto to go full-throttle with my blog? Nope, I don’t.

I’m a tired woman. I have iffy sleepers for kids and a thriving (yay), yet exhausting freelance career. On one hand I know that it’s a steady writing discipline in the past that has helped me to keep a hand in with tech and technique, but on the other I feel like I have had a natural diversion.

I like to think that this is simply, what it is.

My interests are varied and often so diluted, that I don’t see them as my ‘thing’ (see my post about how I’d make a terrible Mummy blogger). I chop and change. I am 35 and still learning about what I like. I have life experience to share, but I’m no expert.

Most of my time is now spent helping small businesses to grow their digital. One or two employ me to write their content and I’m often so much happier doing this.┬áIt’s less pressure on me to promote myself as engaging, it’s all about doing this for the business.

Realising that a personal blog hasn’t worked out to be what I thought it was is annoying and liberating in equal parts. I intend on shifting my categories, moving with more recent interests and remove any focus on finding a blogging niche.

And I think that will feel just fine!

How do you feel about your blog?

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