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Walking at Thruscross Reservoir

Walking at Thruscross Reservoir

It’s springtime at last, and so I decided that as it’s Mother’s Day and I can be really demanding and diva-ish… that we go for a long-ish walk and get some exercise.

We love Fewston, which is not too far from our house. We have however tried on a number of occasions to get over to Thruscross, out past Pateley Bridge, only to be thwarted by lots of rain or random snow blizzards.

Walking Britain cites Thruscross as ‘easy’, but to a family carrying a winter of flubber and a toddler, I have to say it was pretty tough going! Tough but worth it – it’s such a varied walk with striking scenery – even on a cold and hazy day like today.

I’m no wizard with my camera, so photography pedants out there don’t shout at me, but below is a selection of images from today’s little adventure:



DSC_0204(I couldn’t see any pub…)








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