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Bogeys and a 5 Year Old (not what you’d think!)

Bogeys and a 5 Year Old (not what you’d think!)

Being a complete failure when it comes to any type of sport, I often find myself in a state of anxiety, when it comes to understanding what activities my sons will get into. I may as well be an alien in this respect; I just have very little affinity or passion for most sporty things. Call it a confidence thing, I guess. I’ve always been happier immersed in paper, pens, and these days, in lots of lovely tech :-).

It’s been an absolute joy, however, to see the lights flick on when Asher tries a new sport and his confidence grows hand in hand with his ability. The total opposite to his cack-handed mum, I think one day he will become a fine sportsman.

One of his favourite sports is golf, which may sound strange and somewhat sensible for a 5-year old, but his love for the greens began last year in Portugal. Blessed with a very VERY red-headed and fair younger brother, we mainly ventured out in the last of the sun, enjoying a late dinner and heading to the crazy golf. He would get so excited as the lamplights flicked on in the dusk and the air got cooler. The 18 holes were always busy, with similar aged kids getting a final burn out before bed. I think he just fell in love with the atmosphere, which I have to admit, was far more captivating and endearing than I ever would have expected.

On our return, I found an invitation from Online Golf to attend their ‘Get Kids Into Golf’ day. 17523361_1417005048358333_7024084596646424884_nWhilst we were unable to attend, the team very kindly sent Asher a goody bag of golf balls, caps and a Golf for Kids book. He now knows his pars from his bogeys, birdies and eagles (he reminded me the other day that it’s an eagle, not a seagull…). Asher donated the second cap in the goody bag to his best mate, and together they now play crazy golf at our local park, the lovely Valley Gardens┬áin Harrogate. I really think that this is a hobby he’ll keep and I will continue to nurture it with our local junior club.

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